ICT Management company that provides services encompassing IT Managed Services, as well as Network Infrastructure Installation & Maintenance Services.


Unit 142, 110 North Reef Road, Bedfordview, Joburg SA


+27 11 620 3246

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Your ICT needs.
Our top priority.

We are a specialised ICT Management company that provides services encompassing IT Managed Services, as well as Network Infrastructure Installation & Maintenance Services.

RP Networks is dedicated to servicing and providing communication networks from the major network service provider to the small and medium enterprise.

When you choose our services, your ICT needs become our top priority. We go above and beyond our call of duty to ensure that your premises are outfitted with modern, secure, and user-friendly systems that guarantee efficiency and control.

Powered by the latest software, technology, tools, and tactics at our disposal, our team is adept at building ICT solutions that are specific to each client’s unique requirements.

Headquartered in Bedfordview, South Africa, our company has representation across the country and the African continent.

Our Focus & Corporate Motto

Our goal is to help our clients to connect, upgrade and manage your core network infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly changing global ICT industry.

Established initially to provide secure installation & maintenance systems across South Africa, our company was founded with the vision to become the go-to ICT Installation provider. More than half a decade later, the business continues to excel and mature in line with that vision by providing our customers and business partners with robust, extensible, customisable, and security-enhanced solutions for information sharing, data exchange, services invocation and communication.

We are a BBBEE Level 4 Provider and our values propel us to maintain integrity In all our business transactions with all our clients and investors.

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Our Mission

• To develop and maintain the best ICT solutions that enable clients to upgrade their systems with less effort, at a higher quality whilst ensuring that operational processes run efficiently.

• To deliver cost effective and best fit tailored management of ICT teams in selected specialist capabilities related to business transformation, performance improvement and continuous improvement services.

• To assist our clients to achieve and maintain world class excellence and unlock their potential to compete effectively on the global market.

• To provide our employees with specialised skills in a highly rewarding and caring working environment.


Our Team

Our team, at RP Networks is made up of a diverse team of outcome-oriented, collaborative technology specialists who operate in a robust environment built for pragmatic, passionate professionals with experience in various fields with the ICT sector.

This has created a requirement in our company to prioritise our clients process performance by eliminating problems, removing redundant systems and deploying tailored solutions in a way that fits each clients unique situation.

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connect . upgrade . manage

We hire and build your own remote dedicated development teams tailored to your specific needs.

Help Desk 100%
Hardware Procurement 100%
Systems Management and Monitoring 100%
Systems Security 100%
Desktop Support Services 100%
IT Field Services 100%
Wi-Fi Services 100%
Copper Network Infrastructure Builds 100%
Fibre Network Infrastructure Builds 100%